Bellwood adding football dome in billion dollar project



Public domain image

Artist’s rendering of the new domed stadium approved for the Bellwood-Antis football team.

In the last few months, Bellwood-Antis has become a economic powerhouse. After hosting the Super Bowl, and our own Mr. Crowell being sent to Belarus to ease tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the little town of Bellwood has been thrusted into the international spotlight.

The community is certainly taking advantage of the situation by announcing that construction on a billion dollar football dome will begin next month, and should be completed in time for the 2023 football season.

The district had a lot of room for the stadium, which will be built on top of the football practice field, which had been doubling as a baseball field for many years. The B-A school board voted unanimously in favor of the project. When asking an anonymous school board member, the response was very confident.

“With our recent move to the Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference, we have to show that we will run this conference like we ran the ICC, we mean business,” the source said.

The reaction from the community of Bellwood-Antis seems to be all positive, with the community ecstatic to have a new stadium to cheer on their mighty Blue Devils. With one fan saying to Facebook. “Love the decision, I just hope there is more parking at the new stadium #GOBLUEDEVILS”

Players also are very excited to have a brand new stadium to play in, especially QB Josh Dorminy who stated “I’m just glad we wont have rainy practices and games anymore, I hate getting wet.”

Finally, to eliminate taxpayer concern with the price of the new dome, the district has slashed the budget by discontinuing every extracurricular activity besides football and also eliminating the school provided bus transportation. This is expected to cover the financial burden left by the lofty project.

Parents were concerned about bus transportation being cancelled, they had many questions on how their children would get to school, to which an anonymous administration member responded with “I used to walk uphill to school both ways back in my day, your kid will be fine.”

Let’s hope he new stadium will bring many great moments to Bellwood for years to come. Stay tuned to the Blueprint for more updates on this developing story.