Student run business makes more than $30,000 in the first month!

Freshman Halee Young owns and operates a shoe cleaning business. She cleans all sorts of shoes, from black leather Doc Martins to Louboutin’s. Halee’s prices vary from shoe to shoe. She even allows clients to pay after seeing the finished product.

She offers many different services such as cleaning, refurbishing, and leather conditioning.

One of Halee’s clients says, “I really appreciate Halee’s services. She even offers to take my shoes from school. Her work is immaculate! She’s so detail-oriented and cleans every shoe with love, and bleach.”

BLUEPRINT: What is your favorite shoe to clean?
Halee: My favorite shoe to clean is white converse Chuck Taylors because they are so rewarding!!!
BLUEPRINT: When did you get into the shoe cleaning business?
Halee: When I was in sixth grade.
BLUEPRINT: Who inspired you to clean shoes?
Halee: I got my inspiration from myself because I always pull up with the freshest kicks.
BLUEPRINT: How do you occupy yourself while cleaning shoes?
Halee: I mainly listen to music by classical composer like Chopin, Mozart, and Jack Harlow.

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