The dark secret behind the new clocks


Jacob Mercer

The new clocks at BA hide deep secrets.

The newest additions to the Bellwood-Antis School District are the new fancy clocks in each classroom and hallway. However, a dark secret lies behind the technology implemented into them. 

Tuesday morning the B-A Blueprint decided to open up one of the new clocks to see how they worked for a future story. After opening one of the clocks, writers found a small microphone, a camera, and a small bottle of Russian vodka. 

The clocks also have a self destruction mechanism causing a small explosion once the camera is removed. 

Fear is that the clocks may be some sort of communist infiltration device.

A known Communist enthusiast, Robbie Kenner, says that he has no affiliation with the group responsible for installing the spy clocks. Robbie states that he thinks the camera and microphones in the clocks are a great idea. He says it will “help with the rebellion when workers unite.”

The BA Blueprint decided to do some digging on this “Secret Communist Party” and found that there are 12 members, of which one was a teacher, Mr. Naylor.

Mr. Naylor says, “The Secret Communist Party has no affiliation with the BA Blueprint and our students are not Communist.” He then went back to watching Red Dawn.

(The BA Blueprint does not affiliate with the Secret Communist Party)