B-A maintains and improves school security


Reagan Ball

Officer Jeff Hannah along with Officer Tim Mercer have helped change the safety environment at BA.

Jacob Hawn, Staff Writer

Back in 2018, Bellwood-Antis hired school security officers in an attempt to make the school a safer place. There is no doubt that Bellwood-Antis students are safe, especially with the safety protocols that have been put in place. 

This year will be Mr. Tim Mercer and Mr. Jeff Hanna’s fifth year at Bellwood-Antis, and there have been a few changes since then. According to them, they have all the necessary components and resources to maintaining a safe and secure district. 

“We have a very high resolution camera system, new wireless door locks, and a great culture and awareness here at Bellwood-Antis”, said Mr. Mercer. “We are constantly monitoring who is on our campus, and taking proactive steps towards safety.” 

In addition to these features, the security department has limited the accessibility of the parking lot to one way, put an end to doors being propped open, and installed room number decals on all windows. Training for teachers in response to a threat has also been improved. 

Not only does the security department excel in keeping the district safe, but they also create a more comfortable environment for B-A students. 

It was the security department that suggested purchasing new bike racks for bicycle riders two years ago, and both Mr. Hannah and Mr. Mercer have become friendly, visible figures in all three BASD buildings.

“We enjoy interacting with students and staff members so that they can enjoy their time here at Bellwood-Antis”, said Mr. Mercer. “We want our students to focus on academics, the arts, and athletics; not worrying about feeling safe.” 

There is an excellent relationship between school security and students at B-A as well. 

“They are always friendly and say hi to us”, says senior Bailee Conway. “It shows they really care about us.” 

The district is always making an effort to better the security protocol, and keep students and staff members safe at all times.