Fear fall fanatics


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Aevidum’s haunted house takes place this weekend.

Aevidum is hosting a haunted house event this weekend on Saturday, October 8 at 7:30. The haunted house is located at old Cresson prison, amplifying the ambiance.

To sign up for the haunted house you need to meet  with Aevidum president Daniel Weeden to sign up on the signup sheet he carries. It costs $25 to attend and you have to find your own transportation. This means if you can’t drive, find a friend who can take you that may also be going.

The members of Aevidum at Bellwood-Antis Highschool took lots of time planning and arranging this event. Although  Weeden is taking the reins, this wouldn’t be possible without the help of club officers and group members.

Dan Weedon describes the haunted house as, “Frightening.”

Aevidum is a club offered at BA that allows students the resources and ability to bring a school together. Advideum started in Lancaster County, PA, after a classmate had committed suicide. Aevidum has spread to a multitude of schools and has student members shatter barriers by including students in activities inside and outside of school.