JUST JUNORS: Chris Walls


Chris Walls is a junior at B-A who has been in the district since 3rd grade.

When asked what he like to do outside of school, Chris says “I hang out with friends, go to the gym, hunt, fish, and participate in sports activities.”

Chris says his favorite sport is baseball. “I’ve been playing baseball ever since the age of four.” Chris has been on the B-A varsity team since his sophomore year as a pitcher.

Chris has opinions on joining the Laurel Highlands Conference next year and they are somewhat negative. He says, “I don’t think we will be ready for the competition. I say this because we have played in the ICC for years and the competition isn’t as great.”

When asked his plans for the future, he says he wants to go to college for mechanical engineering.

In terms of his favorite memories, he says, “My favorite memories include hanging out in the mall with friends and golfing with them as well.”

Chris also likes to play video games, and one wildly popular game is his favorite.

“My favorite game would be Fortnite,” he said. “I have been playing Fortnite for just over 5 years.”

Chris is not just an elite Fortnite player but he is also a part of the NPC clan. This is a gaming clan created by Chris back in 2020. There are over 15 members in this clan.