Hibernation week down at Myers


Courtesy photo

Students at Myers built snowmen last Friday when they ended their Hibernation Week with a Fitness Friday.

The cold weather is putting our joy in the past and bringing misery first. What’s better than to have the opportunity of having a comfy and cozy spirit week?

Myers Elementary wore its best ‘hibernation’ attire starting from January 23-27 for a Hibernation Week.

Special days included:

  • Monday: Nothing better than starting off your Monday with your coziest hoodie you own.
  • Tuesday: The cold breeze can drive your hair crazy! Keep your head warm and hair in place with your favorite hat!
  • Wednesday: No need to rush to get ready, pick your best pajamas to ‘hibernate’
  • Thursday: Throw out those sneakers and come to school with eye catching slippers.
  • Friday : To finish off the week, doze off in your coziest sweats!

Friday was also a Fitness Friday, which included going outside and building the best snowman! What better way to emerge from a long hibernation?