Bellwood sells the elementary school to Tyrone


Daman Mills

Myers Elementary exchanged hands recently in a tough-beat bet lost by the district.

After a long board meeting last week, administrators decided they will concede Myers Elementary School to the Tyrone Area School District. The decision has been in the works for months after a bet between the two schools’ administrators on who would win the football Backyard Brawl.

The plans for the usage of the school is still unknown, but we have a lead pointing towards using the school as a all purpose sports facility.

However, not all is lost. Since Bellwood has won most of the Backyard Brawl sports this year, a plan is in the works for a “double or nothing” event during the spring sports season. The idea came from Charlie Burch, head athletics director at B-A.

Tyrone most likely will use the facility to train sports players ranging from girls basketball to cross country, to golf, three sports where Tyrone took Brawl L’s this year.  The facility will contain sections such as weightlifting, a indoor soccer field, and a indoor golf simulator. The facility will also make use of the grounds directly beside the school as stated in section B4. The ground was once used by Junior High Football players as a practice field.

All teachers and staff members working in the current building will be offered a job with a 15% pay rise and included benefits of the facility. This was a included clause from section D12 of the contract that was signed.

All Bellwood attendees and staff found on the facilities ground will be trespassed and dealt with by police.