FAB FRESHMEN: the Eckenrod twins.


Kerry Naylor

Dylan and Bryce Eckenrod are rolling as student athletes in the freshman class.

This weeks Fab Freshman is not one, but two ninth graders, Dylan and Bryce Eckenrod.  Both have been attending Bellwood since kindergarten.

The twins have also just started their high school sports career in football and basketball, and when they aren’t on the court or the field, they are bettering their skills at Rocket League, hanging out with friends, and working out.

When speaking on his favorite part of high school, Dylan  commented saying, “Probably getting to pick my own classes.” Dylan also said that before finishing high school he wants to get into a good school and a good GPA.

Both twins have said that they both feel comfortable in the classes that the are in now and hope to better their academic skills.

Congratulations Bryce and Dylan Eckenrod on being named this weeks Blueprint Fab Freshman’s.