B-A set to make changes to cafeteria


Jacob Hawn

Fast food on demand will soon be available in the cafeteria.

Jacob Hawn, Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis School District has recently approved renovations to the high school cafeteria, which allows for chain restaurants to replace current school lunches. 

Chain restaurants are set to include Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, and Arby’s. 

“When I first heard that I would be able to eat Long John Silvers every day of the week, I couldn’t believe it,” said senior Tighe Eaken. “Something that I have dreamed about for years is finally coming true.” 

Other students are skeptical about the fast food industry taking over Bellwood-Antis High School, including senior Dylan Andrews. 

“I model my life off of the primal ways instilled by the Liver King,” said Andrews. “When I heard that processed garbage was taking over this school, I was outraged by the modern, non-primal lifestyle.” 

Although fast food will be the main options, local favorites such as the buffalo chicken wrap, buffalo chicken pizza, and the popcorn chicken bowl will remain in rotation. 

“I have consumed both a buffalo chicken wrap and pizza every single day of my senior year,” said senior Gaven Ridgway. “To discontinue this would be a shame.”

Remodeling of the cafeteria is set to begin Saturday, March 11 and be completed by March 25. Students are advised to report to the media center in place of the cafeteria for these days.