Bellwood plans to transition to a military boarding school


B-A plans to fully switch to a military school within the next several months. (file photo)

Beginning August 25th, 2023, Bellwood will be converting from a high school to a military boarding school.

This decision was finalized last Friday at the school board meeting. The idea was collective decision due to the lack of attendance and test scores.

Bellwood will be also offering optional barracks that will be implemented in the practice field next to the school.

Along side this, students will have to attend elective classes which include industrial arts, art appreciation, etc.

Because the discipline at B-A is so strict, administrators expect no real changes in policy, which is like the Army already.

However, punishments will change drastically. Detentions and suspensions will stay some what the same, however, students can be Court Martialed and locked in jail for certain infractions.

Bellwood will also be reinstating paddling and other physical punishments like ruler slaps.

The most major change coming to Bellwood is the change from public to private. This means students/parents will be required to pay a tuition between $35,000 – $55,000; price will vary based on the location of the students house and whether or not they will be using the barracks.

All current attending students will receive a scholarship to Bellwood ranging from $500 – $12,500 based on the students academic record and what grade they are in.

Bellwood will be also adding new sports including bowling, lacrosse, cricket, and boxing.