Top 10 news stories for 2022-2023

Jacob Hawn , Staff Writer

With the end of the 2022-2023 school year approaching, theBluePrint would like to present the top 10 general news stories of the year. Over the course of this school year, multiple staff writers were awarded for outstanding stories in multiple categories. In addition, numerous staff members attended journalism competitions where they put their writing skills to use. These are the top general news stories of the year.

  1. Teaching awkward topics 

Written by Tighe Eaken Jr., this story gives an in-depth view at how teachers view classes that talk about, well, awkward topics. Both Mr. Nick Lovrich and Mrs. Lori Nyman discuss how they approach topics like sex education, and how they deal with the responsibility of teaching these topics. It’s all about making things less awkward, and teachers here at B-A aim to bring a sense of humor to the classroom when discussing these awkward topics.  

  1. FCA’s seed packing event a big success 

On March 18, the Bellwood-Antis Fellowship of Christian Athletes held a seed packing event for people living in impoverished counties. With 40,000 envelopes packed, students and community members worked tirelessly to meet the day’s goal. Mr. Steve Baker, PACKHOPE Experience Coordinator for UNTO, represented the company and spoke to volunteers about it’s mission. In total, over 100 volunteers attended this event. 

  1. Antis Township to discuss future of Bellwood-Antis Community Pool

With rumors surfacing of the Bellwood-Antis Community Pool being on borrowed time, Antis Township Manager Doug Brown said that wasn’t not quite true just yet. A feasibility study is being conducted for the pool, which allows for the community to apply for grants to renovate the facility. The renovations of the pool could be upwards of $1.5 million, which is why the township is seeking community advice. Other options are available, and Mr. Brown suggested the idea of a spray park, bocce court, basketball courts, etc.

  1. B-A Principals buck national trends 

The National Association of Secondary School Principals released statistics from a survey, indicating that only 2% of school leaders are planning to never leave their current position. It is said that one in two principals are considering a career change. However, principals at B-A are content. In their interviews, all three principals reported that they enjoy their positions at B-A. Staff writer Olivia Hess gives detailed outlines about their attitudes towards their current position.

  1. COVID’s lingering effects on Bellwood-Antis 

COVID-19 caused many changes throughout the country, and some schools are feeling the effects more than others.  With only 67% of 3rd graders reading at their own grade level, it is hard not to realize Covid’s effects on students. However, students and staff at Bellwood-Antis are faring much better than other schools across the nation. Although test scores are at a low point, B-A administration is seeking ways to put students back on an above-average track. 

  1. Conway earns runner-up for Pennsylvania Journalist of the Year contest 

Staff writer Bailee Conway was recognized by the Pennsylvania School Press Association Journalist of the Year contest. Earning a runner-up award, Conway was required to submit a portfolio of their work, self-analytical essay, resumes, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. The BluePrint was notified of the contest last minute, and Conway was able to obtain all of the requirements in time to submit for the contest. 

  1. Hawn earns statewide award to lead BluePrint at Keystones 

Staff writers Jacob Hawn and Bailee Conway were awarded for top stories in the Keystone Media Awards. Hawn’s story on the shortage of PIAA officials was named top high school sports story in PA, while Conway’s story on lingering effects of COVID took second place in the general news category. Both stories were judged along with many others from across the country, and have each won several other awards. These awards round off the year for theBluePrint, which earned second at the Keystone Media Awards. 

  1. Local groups donate bullet proof vests for BASD security 

The UVHA Club and the Eagles Club of Bellwood purchased bullet proof vests for school security, and staff writer Bailee Conway detailed the purchase. A presentation ceremony was held in the high school for the guards to receive the vests from the donors. Each vest had a price tag of approximately $915, which was paid in full by these organizations. The district extended its gratitude for the purchase, and was thankful for local club’s investing in school security. 

       2. BA announces valedictorian and salutatorian

Every student is eager to hear the class valedictorian and salutatorian, positions Maliah Hassler and Canyon Neyman have earned. Both students earned the highest grade-point average in the senior class, putting them at the top. Both students feel that their efforts have paid off in the end. Hassler plans to attend Mount Aloysius in the fall, while Neyman is attending MIT studying in an undergraduate research opportunities program. 

  1. B-A awards  $65,000 in scholarships to class of ‘23

At the annual scholarship banquet, the BASD administration as well as other local partners handed out scholarships to deserving seniors. Approximately 37 members of the senior class were awarded scholarships. Top winners included Avery Turek with $3000, Joey Balsamo with $3500, Bailee Conway with $3750, and Andrew Nycum with $7500.