Bellwood-Antis students receive $291,750 in scholarships


Paige Padula

(L to r) Paige Padula, Natalie Dumin, Anna Wolfe and Rachael Harris were among the scholarship recipients at the annual scholarship banquet earlier this week.

On Monday, May 11, 2015, Bellwood-Antis held its annual Scholarship Banquet for seniors.

In all the Class of 2015 was awarded $291,750 in scholarship money, including a $193,000 Army ROTC scholarship for Matt McMillan that will pay his way through Drexel University.

The scholarship title and recipient names are as follows:

$200 Barb and Kent Wilson Memorial Scholarships: Cole Wilson-Kerns and Robert Whiteman

$250 South Hills School of Business & Technology Scholarship: Adam Osborne

$250 STAR Team Scholarship: Rachael Harris

$250 Track and Field Scholarships: Isaac Mills and Alayna Roberts

$250 French Club Scholarship: Paige Heaton

$250 B-A Alumni Scholarships: Crystal Evans and Isaac Mills

$500 BA Class of 1983 Scholarship: Zack Mock

$500 Helping Hands Scholarship: Shana Helsley

$500 RSM/FCA Scholarship: Tyson Miller and Isaac Mills

$500 Choral Scholarship: Isaac Mills and Ellesha Gathagan

$500 Musical Scholarship: Emily Estright

$500 B-A Class of ’72 Scholarship: Nicholas Boutiller

$500 B-A Band Scholarship: Curt Messner and Kayla Kustaborder

$500 Caracciolo Sheet and Metal Scholarship: Sarah Winesickle

$500 Andrews and Beard Law Firm Academic Scholarship: Rachael Harris

$500 M & T Bank Scholarship: Amanda Partner

$500 Bellwood-Antis Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Meghan Claar

$500 Lions Club Scholarship: Isaac Mills

$500 Class of ’64 Scholarship: Selena Damiano

$500 B-A Historical Society Scholarship: Kelly Leamer

$500 Jean Harker Memorial Scholarship: Paige Padula

$500 First Commonwealth Bank Scholarship: Tessa Albert

$500 Forshey Family Scholarship: Dallas Huff

$500 DJB Scholarship: Kaleb Garman

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club: Kaleb Garman

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in memory of Harold Wagner: Emily Miller

$500 Thomas Otto Family Scholarship: Ian Schmoke

$500 Darrin G. waters Memorial Scholarship: Robert Whiteman

$500 Captain James “Whitey” Stephens Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by the B-A Class of 1960): Joshua Wilson

$500 Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Kustaborder and Sapphire McCready

$500 Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by BA Youth Football League): Ryan Bouslough and Alyssa Wombacher

$500 Surplus City Scholarship: Cameron Wood and Tyler Shultz

$500 Blue and Gold Scholarship: Anastasia Hollen

$500 Miss R Scholarship: Alexa Crusciel

$500 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship: Jaqueline Finn

$500 Blair County Bar Association Scholarship: Chad Luensmann

$500 B-A Class of 1984 in Memory of Betsy Rhoades: Isaac Mills and Curt Messner

$500 Dennis L. McClellan Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Jeremy Wilson and Kyle Himes

$600 American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship: Alayna Roberts

$750 Mary Jane Barr Memorial Scholarship: Lindsey McCaulley

$750 BAEA Scholarship: Cole Wilson-Kern and Paige Padula

$750 Bellwood-Antis PTO Scholarships: Calvin Amato and Kelly Leamer

$1,000 Harshman Family Scholarship: Christopher Foose

$1,000 Himes Family Scholarship: Dallas Huff

$1,000 Dr. & Mrs. Christopher McClellan Scholarship: Kelly Leamer

$1,000 Richard McEldowney Memorial Scholarships: Randy Zitterbart and Paige Padula

$1,000 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship: Tyson Miller

$1,000 Delgrosso Foods Inc. Scholarship: Natalie Dumin

$1,000 Thelma Rittenhouse Scholarships: Kyle Himes and Adam Osborne

$1,000 Duane Hollen Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by Boyer Refrigeration): Matthew McMillan

$1,000 Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarship: Crystal Evans and Anna Wolfe

$1,000 Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarships: Meghan Claar and Selena Damiano

$1,500 Mrs. Corrie Fisher Memorial Scholarship: Isaac Mills

$1,500 United Veterans Club Scholarship: Chad Luensmann

$1,500 Class of ’44 Scholarships: Abbey Turnbaugh and Chad Miller

$2,500 Hostler Memorial Scholarship: Jaqueline Finn and Jeremy Wilson

$4,000 Carol Jo Sicheneder “Mrs. S” Memorial Scholarship: Devin Poplin

$5,000 Bruno DeGol, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Emily Estright

$37,500 Army ROTC Scholarship: Tyson Miller

$193,000 Army ROTC Scholarship: Matthew McMillan