Making a difference one family at a time

Superintendent Dr. McInroy seeks more local families to host exchange students


Emilee Astore

Julian Setzer, who hails from Germany, is completing his year as an exchange student at B-A.

Jess Salmon, Staff Writer

The student exchange program has been a big deal  at Bellwood-Antis the past few years. With students from our school visiting other countries and students from other countries visiting our school, we have gotten a more in-depth look at different cultures.

Senior Julian Setzer is from Germany, but he has spent the 2014-2015 school year with us to experience our culture. He’s gotten to travel and see a whole new world.

I got to see a lot of new cultural things, which I’m really thankful for … I would absolutely recommend the program to other students.

— Julian Setzer

“My experience has been widespread from school to sports. I got to see a lot of new cultural things, which I’m really thankful for,” Julian said. “I would like to thank my host family. I liked that they were open and let an at-first unknown person in their house.

“I would absolutely recommend the exchange program to other students.”

This is an experience of a life time for a student of any age from any nation. It’s up to you to keep this opportunity possible.

Dr. Thomas McInroy, the Bellwood-Antis Superintendant, is asking for local families to volunteer to be hosts for these kids. The program is run through the Rotary Club.

Having exchange students isn’t just an opportunity for the kid traveling; it is also a new experience for the students who normally attend the school. It opens their eyes to a different culture and teaches acceptance and diversity.

By being a host family, you’re not only assisting in the education of a foreign exchange student, but you are also educating the kids in our community. One reason Julian’s host family decided to be host family is because they wanted to “share our beautiful county with others,” they said.

His host family loved their experience.

“You truly get to grow as a family. I would strongly recommend hosting. you have the opportunity to build bridges of tolerance not only in your family but in your community.”

Being a host family is an honor. We ask that you give it a shot and make a difference to help yourself and the people around you.