We need the movement BECAUSE all lives matter


Jarrett Tanneyhill

Tenth grader Julie Bauer.

Julie Bauer, Student Contributor

In my opinion, Black Lives Matter is necessary. It is wrong for unarmed black teenagers to be shot because of racism, and this movement raises awareness for them. It reminds us that cops have a lot of power and that they can sometimes be wrong.

As for how it should be received, I think that we have no right to change the movement to “All Lives Matter.” That completely erases the point of the original movement. It isn’t discriminatory, because it just isn’t an anti-white cause.

It isn’t discriminatory, because it just isn’t an anti-white cause.”

Some might say that it is dangerous because it creates a rift between the races, but they are taking it the wrong way. Racism is still prevalent. Since this discrimination exists, not everything has to be about white people, too.

All things considered, if black people feel so endangered that they needed to start an entire movement, we shouldn’t impose on it. We don’t know what it’s like to fear for our unarmed children, brothers, or sisters being shot by the police. We never will. All lives do matter, and that is why we need this movement.