Freshmen win tailgate party

Ninth graders take first incentive award


Tierra Mahute

The freshman had the best attendance and behavior in the first nine weeks.

Ali Wagner, Vine Editor/Staff Writer

This marking period, the freshman class won the contest to see which class was the best behaved and attended school the most in the high school. Their prize is a tailgate party Friday afternoon.

The purpose of this was to motivate children to behave and to have a better attendance at school. Every nine weeks there will be a new prize for the winning grade.

The tailgate will take place next Friday November 6. The idea came from Assistant Principal Mrs. Cathy Adams, when she was trying to find some things that students will enjoy.

“We want you guys to have a really good time,” Mrs. Adams said

This contest is a good way to encourage kids to attend school and behave better. Kids that don’t win might try harder to be aware of how they are acting in school.

“I think the contest between the grades is a great way to encourage kids to behave,” freshman Shawn Wolfe said.