Black Friday

Myranda Mamat

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Get you credit cards ready … it’s time to do some shopping.


Black Friday is here and it is the second busiest shopping day of the year, the first being Boxing Day when people are flooding the shops using gift cards that people had received the following day.

Stores this year are opening earlier and earlier and many are opening during Thanksgiving Day. Some stores are having 90% and 50% off, the best sales of the year.

Stores to look into for Black Friday:

  • Walmart- as crazy as it sounds they have the best deals on video games, TVs, and any other electronics.
  • Best Buy- just like Walmart with electronics but has more of a selection on anything electronic.
  • Kohl’s- home appliances are on sale along with clothing and toys.
  • Logan Valley Mall- although they don’t have the best deals the mall is a popular place to go for Black Friday Deals.
  • Dick’s Sports- its 25% off on Under Armor and Nike along with 50% to 60% off other gear.
  • Sam’s Club- save on iPads, cameras, and anything else you can think of.

Even though Thanksgiving and Black Friday are days of crazy running around in the wee morning hours of the night to hunt for good deals, it is worth it. The deals are some of the best all year and you save a lot of money when buying Christmas gifts.