B-A musicians attend honors band


Patrick Sachse

Kyra Woomer, Revel Southwell, and Kaite Hamer look good at Honors Band

Ethan McGee, Staff Writer

The 24th Annual Susquehanna University Honors Band Festival was held on February 19-21, 2016.  This is a prestigious event to recognize the achievements of excellent high school musicians.

Revel Southwell, Kyra Woomer, and Katie Hammer represented B-A this year.

Students are selected by paper shuffle recommendation, acording to Band Director Mr. Sachse.  It is a great experience for the band members selected.

Student Band resumes are submitted to claim a spot, and then it’s a long, fun-filled weekend.

There are several hours of practicing and concerts that go into this event, completing the event with a full concert.

“They take two groups and create two bands, a 50 piece and 80 piece, and  then do a full concert,” Mr. Sachse said.

It’s also a very fun experience for the students, who get to live the college life for a weekend.

“It is really cool. We get to stay in the dorms in between practice with other college students,” said Revel. “And it is neat to get to meet new people from all over the place.”