CHS class completes schoolwide debate

Best arguer will go to Pittsburgh for debate


Phoebe Potter

Kerri Little and Kala Wooten went head to head in the schoolwide debates.

Kara Engle, Staff Writer

On Monday, the CHS, argument and rhetoric class, held its annual school-wide debates in the auditorium.

CHS is a class for senior’s to learn fundamentals and foundations of debating.

“This year’s debates were awesome, not only in the way the students involved argued, which was excellent, but also in the turnout from the student body,” said CHS teacher Mr. Kerry Naylor. “We had a great crowd for all four periods of debates.”

CHS Debate/YouTube

The class is offered through the University of Pittsburgh for college credit.

One requirement is for the class to participate in a school-wide debate based on a common theme.

This year’s theme was “The government should regulate personal well-being.”

Topic included: the government should place taxes on food that has been proven to cause obesity, the bullying programs in school promote well-being, the sale of the human organs would promote personal well-being, and lastly, the legalization of medicinal marijuana would promote well-being.

Every individual debate is recorded and then Mr. Naylor selects the best debate to send to Pitt.

“It will be hard to choose one debate to send in because so many of the kids performed well,” Mr. Naylor said. “Whoever gets chosen will certainly be prepared to represent Bellwood-Antis at the big debate in April.”

Once the video is sent, Pitt professors choose the best arguer from B-A and all the other CHS schools in Western PA to come to Pittsburgh in April for an all-star debate.

The debate participants from Bellwood-Antis are: Cory Parson, Brande Robison, Zach Taylor, Taylor Shildt, Jules Lusk, Kerri Little, Kala Wooten, Maria McFarland, Ashley Dutrow, Caroline Showalter, Jake McCaulley, Cameron Nagle, Nathan Davis, Edyn Convery, Caroline Taylor, and Justin Lingenfelter.