Promposals on the rise!

Students aim to impress when asking out their prom dates


Caroline Showalter

Promposals are happening all over the school.

Caroline Showalter, Staff Writer

Promposals are a factor in finding a date. There have already been a couple promposals at Bellwood-Antis.

Senior Jules Lusk asked sophomore Jack Showalter after the District 6 Championship at a party.

Jules asked jack because he would fit in her group well with our group.  He’s a good friend, and he’s fun to be around.

She first gave him wings with a note on them that read, “I’ve never asked a district champion to prom before so I’m just going to wing it.”  Then she had two signs.  The first one read, “You’re a tri-athlete; triple threat, going with me you won’t regret.”  The other one said, “Prom?”  That same night, at the same party, Marissa Panasiti was asked by Nathan Davis with a heart shaped box of chocolates with a note that said, “Prom?” written on it.

Marissa is most looking forward to being with all of her friends and having a good time.

When asked about how he came up with the idea he responded, “Ronnie Taneyhill, Jarrett Taneyhill’s mother, came in clutch with a Russell Stover’s box of chocolates.  She just pulled that puppy out of nowhere and I was set.”

The trend of asking boys basketball players after games continued with senior Kala Wooten asking sophomore Ian McFarland.  Kala Wooten surprised Ian at his house with rose petals in the shape of a heart and candles.  She was holding a sign that said, “You’re pretty fly for a white guy…Prom?”

Taylor Shildt recently asked surprised Austin Walls after baseball practice with a baseball that had the words, “Swinging for the fences. Prom,” written on it. Taylor was very nervous to ask Austin.

“I was very nervous to ask Austin to prom, but once I got out of my car and started to ask, the nerves went away.”

Phoebe Potter asked sophomore Max Dearmitt with a delicious piece of food.  She asked with a box of donuts that read, “Donuts are the bomb.  Do me a favor & come with me to Prom?”

Junior Seth McCaulley asked Junior Saige McElwain by getting her flowers and wrote on her car “Prom?” in window paint.

Junior Karson Swogger broke a lot of records this basketball season but her longtime boyfriend used that to his advantage.  When Karson wasn’t expecting it Jacob pulled out a sign that read, “Karson I know you like breaking records but please don’t break this one…number of times rejected from prom: 0.  Will you go to prom with me?  Yes or No.”

Senior Noah D’Angelo asked his sophomore girlfriend Sidney Patterson with an idea he has been planning since prom last year.  He asked her with a purple Ivory Ella shirt, a stuffed animal elephant, flowers, and a sign that read, “I may be a Dumbo but you should D-ELEPHANTLY stop to prom with me?”

Noah asked her because, “She is my girlfriend and complained everyday about it.”

Senior Gabby Troutman plays volleyball, so Corey George new a perfect plan.  Corey, Gabby, and a few friends went bowling.  Corey put a volleyball on the ball return when Gabby wasn’t looking.  When she went to get her ball she saw the volleyball and read it.  It said, “Would you be my SET for Prom?”

Senior Christina Kowalski asked sophomore Chris Wertman after school when he was expecting it.  She used a play on words, or you could say names.  Christina had her friends help her by having them hold up signs that said, “Will you be the Chris…to my Tina.  Prom?”

“All of my friends call me Tina and his name is Chris so it was a play on words,” Christina said.

Some people think that it’s a stab in the back to Bellwood to be in a relationship with someone from Tyrone but this year there are multiple rival relationships going to the prom.  Tyrone junior Azia Barnett surprised her boyfriend after basketball practice with his room filled with balloons and a sign that said prom?  Another relationship is Tyrone junior Levi Raling asking his Bellwood girlfriend Caroline Showalter with a pair of Timberland boots.

Finally senior Edyn Convery asked her Altoona graduate boyfriend Mark Page with a chicken wings and a note that said, “Don’t be a chicken and go to prom with me.”