Riots: A Catalyst for Ignorance


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People are rioting, but do they know what for?

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

I absolutely despise American ‘politics’, if I even call them that. I’m not saying that it’s because people primarily base it off of their anger, popularity and whatever their family always votes for. Well, actually I’m saying just that.

And it plays out and is worsened by the presence of social media.

We’ve got people who don’t fully understand why they’re rioting, and people voting who don’t know why they’re voting or what they’re voting for.

Recently, as in over the weekend, there were multiple riots in cities across the country over Trump winning the presidency.

However, that’s not where I’m going with this.

One kid on social media had this to say about the topic: “I hope all you street rioting Hillary supporters get shot,” to which I replied, “You’re just as bad as them for saying that.”

After several ineffective comments about the ethics and morals of what he’d said, I brought up the point that if Hillary had won that Trump supporters would have done the same.

His response is so absolutely golden that I’m pretty sure I burst into true laughter after he said this: “Actually, that just would have started a civil war and Russia would help the other side.”

I’ve seen memes that make more sense than that absolutely absurd, nonsensical concoction.

My response: “Really, is that better? Geez, you’re a true patriot.”

The conversation then switched to how bad our country would be if Hillary had won, although I made no mention of supporting Hillary or even really politics when I first commented as that wasn’t my intention. The boy proceeded to tell me to “start looking into this.”

Later he closed by saying, “This is exactly why I said I’m done. You don’t know anything about Trump obviously if you’re saying that. Another thing you should maybe look into: you’re going to need a better argument.” And that’s how I knew I had ‘won’ per se. And here’s how.

Many of the supporters on both sides really have no idea what they are supporting. Instead they are supporting notions or ideas they feel their candidate represents. So the end of the conversation went down like this:

Me: “You lost the argument and then tried to claim victory by saying I don’t know anything about Trump. Please, enlighten me. What’s your favorite policy of his?”

Kid: “Trade policy, foreign policy, those are great ideas of his, and you’re just listening to the media, get off my post.”

Me: “Every candidate has to have those policies, now tell me without Google what specifically about them?”

I was then blocked.

In conclusion, there are, dare I say it, idiots and complete imbeciles on both the left and the right. Riots seem to be a perfect catalyst for stupidity to spread.

Or maybe they’re a symptom.

We’ve got people who don’t fully understand why they’re rioting, and people voting who don’t know why they’re voting or what they’re voting for.