Just Juniors: Alexis Parson


Joe Padula

Alexis Parson is a junior that is into volleyball and spending time with her family and friends.

If you don’t know Alexis Parson, then you’re missing out.

Alexis is well known for playing volleyball for Bellwood-Antis, for the high buns she wears on the top of her head, and for her funny/sassy attitude.

Her favorite thing about B-A is the people.

“Everyone is so nice, and it’s a small school so you know everyone,” said Alexis.

“She has always been a shoulder to cry on,” said junior Lydia Eamigh, a good friend of Alexis, “She just makes me feel better and is there for me when I’m feeling low.”

Alexis said that she has always looked up to her parents.

“They are both hard workers and are preparing me for my future, and they love me unconditionally,” said Alexis.

When asked what one thing nobody knows about her was, she said, “I had surgery on my back when I was six months old”.

Outside of school Alexis enjoys playing volleyball, hanging out with her friends, and going on adventures with them.