20 questions with Briana Sisto


If you were a super Villain what city would you terrorize?

“Altoona Because I hate it.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“In the National Guard, having a family, and being happily married”

What is your idea of true love?

“Kalieb Mielnik”

Describe yourself in 4 words.

“Strange, funny, gorgeous, caring”

What do you believe your purpose in life is?

“Serve in the military and protect people’

What is your idea of a perfect date?

“Staying in watching movies and cuddling up together”

What is the first thing you would do if you would become president?

“Shorten the school week”

If the Zombie apocalypse broke out who would be in your survival group?

“Jami Daley, Austin Savino, Trevor Sholly, Kalieb Mielnik”

What is your favorite article of clothing?

“Ripped jeans or leggings”

What is something you hate about the opposite sex?

“They ALWAYS think they’re right

What is the thing you do most?

“Dance or complain’

Who do you talk to for comfort?

“Jami Daley, Mom, Alyssa Kolbfleisch”

What is your comfort food?


What is your biggest fear?


What is something you love about yourself?


What is your favorite item of makeup you’ve purchased?


Whats the worst injury you had? how did you get it?

“Breaking my back (not in two) (light fracture)”

What do you want in life?

“To have a successful marriage”

What in your mind is unforgivable?

“Lying and cheating”

What is your dream vacation?