Newest Students of the Week unveiled


The latest middle school Students of the Week are (l to r): Lauren Young, Sean Mallon, Alainy Liang, and Kevin Liang.

John Kost, Staff Writer

Congratulations to the Bellwood-Antis Middle School students of the week. These students exude positive attitudes and outstanding effort in the classroom.

For fifth grade Kevin Liang was selected by his teachers “because he is a pleasure to have in class, a great academic student, and he exercises great sportsmanship.”

In sixth grade, Alainy Liang was chosen by the sixth grade teachers “because she has a positive attitude and is polite. Alainy is a hard worker, and a pleasure to have in class.”

Sean Mallon of seventh grade was nominated by his teachers “because he has outstanding academic performance, has good work ethic, is polite and a pleasure to have in class.”

Finally Lauren Young was chosen by her eight grade teachers “because she has excellent academic performance, has a positive attitude, is cooperative and open to taking academic risks. Lauren is a pleasure to have in class.”