We Are Running Out Of… Gravity?!


There’s a lot of reasons to feel stupid and a lot of people to make you feel stupid. Even the smartest people tell people that they are indeed stupid. Are we really all that stupid? It takes a couple of brain cells to at least get on the internet.

Which leads me to my next point, I’m not entirely sure that how this girl managed to get on the internet. Honestly, it’s probably some kind of miracle or savant talent she possesses even though she’s probably just baiting, or trying to look stupid on purpose to fool people, in a likely attempt to get more YouTube views.

That would actually make a case for her to actually be, begrudgingly I say this, smart. She believes or claims at least that, well, we are running out of gravity. I don’t really even want to take shots at Common Core, parenting or just general levels of intelligence at this point. I just want everyone to take a look at something so absurd that you stop hating yourself for a minute from all the embarrassing stupidity in your life to simply watch.

“If we run out of gravity, nobody would really even notice.” – The girl in the video

I’m sorry but if anyone ever tries to tell me that they are stupid ever again I promise you there are those even less fortunate.

Even when people are just joking about their level of idiocy, it shows a lack of self-respect and worth that I think people should actually avoid. I’m not saying you must always be serious and accurate about your intelligence, but just take it easy on yourself people. You could believe some really outlandish things like fluoride in the water is turning frogs gay or that the Holocaust didn’t happen.