Super Senior: Jake Hoover


Brooke Beichler

Jake is happy to graduate, and can not wait for college

Senior Jake Hoover is a great guy to be around. He always fills the room with laughter, and happiness. He is always cracking jokes, and he can do some pretty cool stuff with his hair.

Jake’s favorite thing about high school is spending time with his friends.

“The only thing I’m going to miss about high school is seeing the people I’m with every day, and all of the awesome teachers,” said Jake.

His typical day involves him getting up, going to school, and going to classes. Then, going home.

After high school, Jake is going to attend Pitt Johnstown, with a major in biology.

Jake is usually seen round the halls happy and smiling. When asked what makes Jake special, senior Josh Swope said: “Just look at him!”