2 COOL 4 SCHOOL: Izzy Holes


Mya Decker

Sophomore Izzy Holes will take part in an exclusive dance program next year.

Mya Decker, Staff Writer

BluePrint News

This week’s 2 Too Cool for School feature is on sophomore dancer Izzy Holes, who has also been a student at Andreas School of Dance on Main Street in Bellwood since she was five.

Izzy was asked to be a part of The Grier School’s pre-professional dance program this summer while participating in a three week long dance camp.

For those unfamiliar with dance, Izzy explained: “The pre-professional team is the highest level of dancing they have at Grier. They have top choreographers from all over the world come in and set pieces that they learn in a matter of a few days.”

She added that it can be difficult to get into the program. However, she was lucky enough to be offered a spot on the team!

For her to be a part of the honored program she will have to leave school at B-A everyday at 1 pm next year, so now she is taking extra academic classes so that when she attends her dance classes she won’t be behind in her junior year.

As for her dance career at Andreas School of Dance, she is excelling there as well. She was given a solo this year, which will be her first ever.

Izzy said that she is nervous, but very excited because she knows her teachers will be there to help her succeed.

We wish Izzy the best of luck in all of her academics and her dance career! You are 2 Cool 4 School!