Artist of the Week: Alex Foose


Kaelynn Behrens

Alex Foose enjoys playing the saxophone for Bellwood-Antis High.

Junior Alex Foose performs well academically as well as musically.

Alex has been playing the saxophone for six years. He spends two hours of his day playing for his pleasure while also being a part of a jazz quartet.

Alex started out playing piano but soon noticed that he felt unsatisfied. The saxophone interested him more, and that’s what he stuck with.

“I hear these top-tier players and I just say to myself, ‘I want to do that someday’,” said Foose.

Alex’s favorite artist to listen to is Gerald Albright, one of Alex’s biggest role models.

In his spare time, Alex can be found talking with friends or sleeping. One of his biggest goals to finish out this school year is to be able to learn new songs without using sheet music.

“I plan to go into music technology and recording, with a minor is jazz performance,” said Alex.