The world can be such an UGLY place, can’t it? Everyday, there’s more news about shootings, drugs, and explosions. And to be honest, I’M SICK OF IT. I used to ENJOY watching the Today Show with all my favorite news anchors, and now…now, I’d rather change the channel to ANYTHING ELSE. I just can’t take the depressing stuff anymore. And I understand, sometimes natural disasters just happen and we can’t control them. But most of time, it’s human error. HUMAN ERROR. People dying daily is HUMAN ERROR. And the government continues and tries and attempts to find an answer. It’s pathetic. It truly is. Our generation is growing up in a sick world. And when it is all around us, it’s tough to see through it to happy days and an overall enjoyable life without being afraid to leave the house. Today, I’m going to provide this world with some easy steps to make this world a better place to wake up to. Ready? Get your notebooks and a pencil.

Step 1: Don’t dwell on it. — It is hard to forget about all the bad stuff and remember the good stuff when there’s SO MUCH bad stuff happening. But listening to all the bad stuff when you’re not actually involved makes you feel awful. It makes you feel worse because you’re afraid all that bad stuff is going to happen to you. I feel like that sometimes. The only reason I watch the nightly news anymore is to watch David Muir ‘cause he’s awesome. The best remedy is wake up in the morning, thank God by saying, “it’s a great day to be alive. Thank you for allowing me to wake up happy and healthy today. I trust that you are going to keep my safe today and love me just as you always do.” It’s that simple. Praying for safety is a simple thing to do and it makes you feel more secure knowing God is holding your hand throughout the day. Also, to not dwell on it, distract yourself. Find things that make you happy and healthy. Find healthy habits like biking or drawing or reading or running. Spend time with the Lord. He is your best friend.

Step 2: Magnify. — You are probably wondering what in the world this means. Well I’m about to explain it to y’all so get your pencils ready. Actually, use a pen because pens are permanent 🙂 Anyways, magnify means to speak the word. What is the word? No, not “word” like a rapper’s “word”. “Word” like Jesus’ word in the Bible. Learn it, study it, and magnify it. Lighten up your friends or coworkers’ day with it. A verse or a story told in it; let is be known! Show it off! God is smiling down on you when you are spreading the Gospel around and making sure people know who is their savior. When you tell all about Christ who is risen, it just makes people feel good. It makes the world a better place to wake up to. It creates a MUCH MORE positive environment around us. When you magnify it, people around you can literally FEEL IT. They feel those good vibes radiating off of you, and onto them. And where do those good vibes go? To more people. And more. And more. Until all of sudden, everyone knows, and everyone is saved.

Step 3: Quit comparing. — This isn’t about comparing yourself to other people about who’s prom dress is better. This is about comparing yourself to those who have it worse than you. This is about putting yourself in others’ shoes who just recently lost a loved one from a mass shooting. This is about putting yourself in others’ shoes who was killed by a driver who was texting and driving. It isn’t wrong to feel deep sympathy for these people. But you have to separate yourself from these people’s struggles and focus on your life. It is okay to be sympathetic to these people in a time of desperate need. But in time, separate yourself. Stop comparing your great life to those people’s rough time. Feel for them, but don’t BE THEM. Don’t constantly worry about people who you barely know off of a story on the news that happened three countries over. You have a right to love the blessings God has given you. It isn’t SELFISH. God has a plan for everyone, and your plan just happened to be different that those other people’s plans. If you start thinking like this, you won’t feel so depressed for the people on the news.

Step 4: Be kind. — This is BY FAR the most important step. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, make a commitment to be kind to every person you meet in the day. No matter their skin color, what they’re wearing, how they smell, who their friends are, their grades, their home life, how they act, etc. etc. and what have you…YOU BE KIND TO EVERYONE. I don’t care what they’ve done to you in the past. If you see them, say hi. Wave. Ask them what’s up. Believe it or not, it will change them. If we have more people who are kind to those people who need some kindness, and those people spread more kindness, there won’t be another school shooting. Some humans are having so many issues at home and it damages them, both inside and out and we need to help them realize life is beautiful. And your part? You don’t have to change the world. But you are helping the world be changed by being kind to one another. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. It sounds like something you would be told in 2nd grade, I’m aware. But it is ONE HUNDRED AND TEN PERCENT TRUE. Do you want to be looked at and put down because of who you are? Of course not. That is why, I say again, be kind. Choose kindness, over everything else. Because if you sit with that person in the cafeteria who always sits by themselves, you might have just saved 17 kids from another school shooting.

These steps aren’t tough. I believe in all of you that you can do these if you believe. Call on God, He’ll help you. I write these articles through God. Every word I say, I try, He is speaking through me.

Remember, don’t dwell on it, magnify, quit comparing, and be kind. Forgive and forget. Love has won.

Ephesians 4:32 — “Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.”