FEATURED ALUMNI: Miranda Lowery returns to speak at B-A


Courtesy photo

Miranda Lowery Burgman (far right) is preparing to enter the mdeical field as she studies at Duquesne.

Kaelynn Behrens, Editor in Chief

Former Bellwood-Antis Salutatorian Miranda Lowrey Burgman came back to her roots on November 2, to speak to students about drug abuse.

Now a student hoping to enter the medical field,  Miranda visited Mrs. Lori Nyman’s and Mr. Nick Lovrich’s health classes, hoping to give students knowledge on the risk of doing drugs.

As a part of the B-A Class of 2014, she has had four years to chase her dreams of becoming a  pediatric oncologist.

Miranda is a student at Duquesne University, majoring in pharmacy. Because her grandmother had passed due to cancer right before graduation, she knew that becoming a pharmacist was her true calling.

I still get the small-town vibe from the small school. The class sizes closely resemble the class sizes that I graduated with.”

— Miranda Lowery Burgman

“I love healthcare. I love dealing with people and trying to help any way I can, but I never really thought I could do the things that a doctor does. So I felt that becoming a pharmacist was a good way to interact with patients and help them, but on a lesser level,” said Miranda.

Mr. Lovrich said that while Miranda was completing a course requirement with her visit, her message was on target with B-A’s health program.

“Miranda actually needed to do this for a class assignment. She was always a good kid in school, and we wanted to help her out,” said Mr. Lovrich. “She really enforced what Mrs. Nyman and I teach each year,and the students got to hear a very important lesson from a different voice.”

No one can stay in their hometown forever, and Miranda is no exception. She moved to PIttsburgh shortly after graduation.

Duquesne is a small school in downtown Pittsburgh, but it is also in its own little secluded area.

“I still get the small-town vibe from the small school. The class sizes closely resemble the class sizes that I graduated with. I also really like having the ability to do things like go to Penguins games,” said Miranda.

Once there, Miranda fell in love with the city. She has no desire to leave Pittsburgh after college.

“There is a very close-knit community, and I really respect that. My husband, Griffin Burgman, and I are super big sports fans,” said Miranda.

Even though she has been living out her dreams in Pittsburgh, Miranda has not forgotten where she has come from. She said Bellwood supplied her with amazing teachers, even though she came from a small class.

B-A’s teachers helped her receive a good background of knowledge before she went into a college setting, she said, and  provided her with constant motivation within the close-knit community.

“Bellwood has had a lot to do with my success in college,” said Miranda.