LESSONS FROM THE MAN UPSTAIRS: So God, where are you going with my life?


Be patient and wait for the plan.

Recently, we just completed our first DBQ in American History. Not my favorite thing in the world, lemme tell ya. When I first received the packet of documents, I felt overwhelmed and the majority of the information was over my head. So, rather than trying to understand every last detail, I read what I could get and moved on with my day. And now, it’s over, woohoo! My point is, in life we’re not always going to understand why something is happening. God’s mind is so elaborate and He knows so much that is beyond our own control and understanding. So rather than trying to analyze and figure out why God is putting us through countless trials and painful times in life, our best bet is to allow God to take hold of the situation.

With all these dreary, cold, disgusting, bitter, rainy, miserable—shall I go on?—days surrounding me, I’ve had intense feelings of nostalgia for summer and and cross country and camp and the beach and I’ve been a real mix of emotions, with my feelings all over the place lately. I’ve gotten a few good runs in, however, which have made me super happy. But I’ve been struggling with dwelling in the past and the happier, warmer days. I constantly have been asking God why I’ve been so miserable and where the pure happiness ran off to. HOWEVER, we’re not here to complain, we’re here to get busy. 

Like a really long car ride, God puts us through long trials sometimes. He works up in Heaven on our lives and we have no clue what He is doing. But it is important for us to understand that because of these rough moments, a breakthrough of better days is so, so close! You’ve been patient for so, so long and God understands that! It is okay to become discouraged. Remember to be kind to yourself and admit this time is painful. Admit yourself to God, rather than bottling up your feelings. I had a long prayer with Him recently and I just let out it all out there for Him. I complained a little, but guess what? We’re human. I complained a little, but then I got rational. God reeled me back in and let me know that my breakthrough is coming. YOUR BREAKTHROUGH IS COMING!!! 

Bad moments are temporary. Bad days are temporary. Bad weeks are temporary. Heck, bad MONTHS are temporary! I’ve been patient for a long, long time and I’m not sure why God is putting me through this trial of waiting, but I have to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, that reminds me! I got another song that you should go listen to RIGHT NOW! It is called See the Light, by TobyMac. An absolutely fantastic piece of music, lemme tell ya. This song makes me so thankful I’ve got God. This song reminds me of the close relationship I have with God. This song reminds to HOLD ON JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER. 

Toby Mac/YouTube

I’ll link the song, so you can go jam out. I know it’ll make you feel good and remind you to keep on keepin’ on. 

Remember, God’s mind is a lot like that DBQ, even more complicated than the that. His plan is so over your head and so complex and something that our human minds can’t even begin to comprehend. Don’t sit down and try to understand it! Release your feelings to God, and be free. Feel free with God, feel light with His presence. 

YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT BECAUSE HE CARRIES YOU. WHEN YOU ARE IN THE THICK OF THE BATTLE, CALL TO GOD BY SAYING, “JESUS, HELP ME!” AND INSTANTLY THE BATTLE BECOMES GOD’S; ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TRUST HIM. In the midst of the battle, when there are no options left, thank Him. Thank God for this opportunity to become closer to Him. Thank Him for giving you the opportunity to trust Him further, and become even deeper in your faith. It seems weird and strange and wrong but when we thank Him, we are saying, “here is me. I am clay. Mold me and shape me into what YOU want me to become. My plan is no match for your outlook for my life. I want to become right with you, Father.” 

This is important, so listen up. I’m not finished yet. God’s timing—it’s frustrating. We’re so focused on wanting what we want RIGHT NOW, RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT, GIVE ME WHAT I PRAYED FOR, LORD! Sorry to disappoint you, but God doesn’t work that way. Believe it or not, that is a blessing! If everything was in our timing, we would stray from God, creating a horrible separation in the close relationship that has been built. Also, it will taste so much sweeter when you come to the end of a difficult road after praying and praying and hoping and remaining faithful. When your faith road meets God’s path for your life, peace will fill your hearts and minds. Think of two cars traveling on the highway. They’ve been rolling along beside each other for miles and miles and miles. Then, they reach their destination and are united with each other. When your faith is united with God’s plan for you, there simply isn’t a better feeling.

Alright, alright, alright, (if you got that reference, woohoo!) I’m off my soap box. Your path of life changes every single day. Despite this, before you even wake up in the morning, God has prepared the way before you, so you can go on with your day without fear but faith in the plan that lies ahead. And, lemme tell ya, it’s a good one.  

Romans 3:22 — “We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are.”