Spoof Superhero Characters


Lordin Williams

Nothing better than making fun of superheros

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

Spoofs are a genre of film that many love. Most notably, Scary Movie, is a good example of a spoof. This story will focus on spoofed superheroes that I know I have loved for a long time.

From the spoof Superhero Movie, Dragonfly was played by Drake Bell. As the title explains, he is the spoof of Spider-Man, but a dragonfly bit hit instead of a spider. This is a movie along the lines of Scary Movie so it’s not exactly a family-friendly movie but is entertaining. Dragonfly goes through an adventure trying to save the world from annihilation from a supervillain, but in a more…unethical way. Never-the-less, it is very hilarious.
Mystery Men
This movie isn’t necessarily a spoof of a superhero, but more like the Justice League or The Avengers. In a world where there actually is a superhero ( Captain Amazing), a ragtag team of wannabes become the Mystery Men. With a hilarious montage to introduce their “powers”, the movie starts in an unforgettable way. They go through many ups and downs, but comes out on top in the end.
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
If you loved watching Nickelodeon as a kid, you more than likely know who these two are. From the beloved cartoon SpongeBob, Mermaid Man is more or less a spoof of Aquaman, but with a side kick. They are elderly in the show and have flashbacks to when they were young, and like Aquaman, use their powers to talk to the animals and manipulate the water to their advantage. Probably one of the most memorable spoofs of a superhero.