Sensational Sophomore: Kaitlyn Dickinson


Caroline Nagle

Kaitlyn Dickinson is a sensational sophomore who enjoys school.

The sensational sophomore for this week is Kaitlyn Dickinson!

Kaitlyn is a dancer for the Main Street Dance Company when she is outside of school. In school, Kaitlyn is participates in Aevidum and Renaissance club. After high school Kaitlyn plans to go to college for interior design.

When Kaitlyn isn’t dancing she likes to draw and watch Netflix. Kaitlyn’s favorite subject in school is math because it comes naturally to her and it is easy.

A fun fact about Kaitlyn is that she is left handed, which most people aren’t.

For this summer Kaitlyn decided to get a job at the Delgrossos water park as a lifeguard. She just finished her training, so she is reading to go for the summer!

When we asked her what her favorite thing about school is, she said, “I like school because I get to see and spend time with my friends all day.”