Mastering High School: Destiny


You choose your own destiny.

I’ve been thinking about the future, and I realized that we all have a destiny. With everything going on, we tend to forget about ours. Everyone has a predestination, and we can so easily give up on our dream design for a little, pathetic happenstance. To quote Shakespeare, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” We are in control of our own conclusion. While every person has his or her own predetermination, we all make the choices that lead to our destiny. It made me realize that I must make my own choices, and whether or not I succeed is up to me. My choices determine my finality.

Most people believe that we already have predetermined destinies. However, we do not know what our destiny is. Therefore, we decide the course of events that will happen. Many people believe an omniscient being knows and decides our destiny, but our destiny is unknown to us, and we have free will. Although our destiny might already be set in stone, we make the choices that lead up to it, so we have a say in our own destiny.

We can so easily throw away our perfect destiny for whatever circumstance comes our way. The majority of people will neglect their dreams because of the lack the money or work ethic to reach for the stars. Instead they settle for empty, loveless, easy outcomes. Why do so many people fall short of their true destiny? They fail because they give up. No one dreams of giving up, but when you have to face outside forces, it defines who you are.

When people blame life for their lame destiny, the only person they can blame is themselves.

Maybe our paths will change, but we are the ones that make the decisions for ourselves. We decide to give up, what career path we will have, and how we act. Everyone faces dilemmas from outside forces, but in the end, we choose how to respond to that outside force. We all have a hand of cards, and we chose which card to play and when.

People often times blame an outside occurrence for why things didn’t work out or why their life is what it is. But, we can not blame anyone or anything but ourselves. It’s funny because when people blame life for their lame destiny, the only person they can blame is themselves. You cannot want to be a doctor and never go to medical school.

For example, let’s say you want your destiny to be a famous baseball player; however, after many years in a minor league, just as your about to move up, you are in a car crash, and now you are paralyzed from the waist down. You can never play baseball again. Many people would blame the car crash for destroying their life, but you still have decisions to make. You could coach, host a radio or tv show about baseball, or become a motivational speaker, etc. You still decide what your destiny is. Unfortunately, many people would give up their dreams and succumb to a necessary day to day job that they do not like because of this accident. Is the car crash a set back? Yes! But, that doesn’t mean that your destiny has been ruined. Maybe it’s changed, but you are still in charge of your new outcome.

All of this has made me realize the importance of following my dreams and deciding what my destiny will be. There are so many choices, and I want them all. I would be satisfied with so many different results, which makes my decision a challenge. All in all, I want you to know that you decide your own destiny. Whether you believe that an omniscient being decides your destiny or not, you still have one. You make the choices that lead to your destiny, so choose wisely!