Feature Teacher: Mrs. Dionis


Maria Cuevas

Mrs. Dionis began teaching at B-A as a substitute in 1989.

Maria Cuevas, Multimedia Editor

When Mrs. Lori Dionis started teaching as a substitute teacher at Myers Elementary School during the 1989 school year, Bellwood was a big change to a small school.

As a child Mrs. Dionis went to a bigger school, so coming to Bellwood was a different scene. That first year, her favorite thing was knowing that everyone knew everyone.

“They were helpful and friendly, and made me feel like I belonged,” she said. “I couldn’t find better people to work with, who are not only my friends but my family. It’s a small community with a big heart.”

Mrs. Dionis always loved school and learning new things; she had many teachers that made an impact on her life and inspired her to try and make a difference in other students’ lives. 

“Everyday is different, bringing new challenges and inspirations to my life,” Mrs. Dionis said.

“When I see my students work hard and try their best and finally ‘get it’, that’s the best feeling in the world. I also love all the connections I’ve made with students and their families.”

Mrs. Dionis motivates students to learn with her enthusiasm. She really tries to know each and every one of her students and make connections.

She likes making learning fun by playing games, using technology, and offering choices in their learning activities.

“I believe in them and encourage them to always do their best,” she said.

Mrs. Dionis had two sons graduate from B-A in the 2010s – Zach and Troy. When Mrs. Dionis isn’t teaching, she enjoys walks with her dog, Millie, and going hiking. She also goes kayaking with her husband whenever they can.

She loves to watch movies and spend time with her family and friends.