Feature Teacher: Mr. Goodman


Courtesy photo

Mr. Goodman recently hiking on the Mid State Trail.

Maria Cuevas, Multimedia Editor

School can be pretty stressful no matter who you are, sometimes you need an activity. Mr. Goodman, a high school teacher, is a great example.

In his free time, ninth grade science teacher Mr. Jon Goodman likes to go hiking with his high school friend and sometimes his son or daughter go with them. Mr. Goodman’s favorite trail to hike in Pennsylvania is the Mid-State Trail or MST. In the section of the MST, Sandy Run falls was his favorite.

The MST trail is the longest foot trail in Pennsylvania and it is nicknamed the Wildest Trail in Pennsylvania. It is measured in kilometers at 527 km, or about 327 miles. Mr. Goodman has spent 17 years to hike the entire MST by sections. The trail runs from New York to Maryland and is considered very difficult.

“After hiking the Appalachian trail in Pennsylvania, I was looking for a trail that was more remote and challenging,” Mr. Goodman said.

There is no doubt in Mr. Goodman’s mind that it was challenging. During his hiking experience, he has never seen another hiker on that trail, other than his friend who hiked it with him. Mr. Goodman hiked the trail in sections from North to South. He planned 4 or 5 hikes at the beginning of the year. Each hike ranges from 7 miles to over 20 miles. Unless an emergency occurred, Mr. Goodman scheduled everything else around the planned hikes. Over the 17 years it took him to hike the MST, he missed 6 years worth of hiking because of family events, such as the birth of his children, or unfortunetly, sudden deaths in his family.

“I’m lucky, my family, particularly my wife, is very supportive of my adventures.” Say’s Mr. Goodman, “Now my daughter and son are into hiking and appreciate its value.”

Mr. Goodman also hikes outside of Pennsylvania on the Grinnel Glacier trail in Glacier National Park, Montana.

 Since 1995, Mr. John Goodman has been teaching at the Bellwood-Antis high school. In 1995, Saucon Valley School District had offered Mr. Goodman a lucrative full-time teaching/coaching position, but he chose Bellwood instead.

“Bellwood seemed the best fit for me and I have never regretted it,” said Mr. Goodman.