Feature Teacher: Mrs. Harris


Kerry Naylor

Ms. Harris has been working to teach kids how to cook through remote learning.

Aarron Laird, Page Editor

This month’s  Feature Teacher is Ms.  Valarie Harris. Mrs. Harris teaches both middle school and high school Home Economics.

The BluePrint asked Ms. Harris some questions.

The BluePrint: What got you into cooking?

Ms. Harris: My mom is an awesome cook, so I have always liked to cook. So I would say she got me into cooking. And, my Dad always had a garden, too, so it was always neat to grow the food and then make something out of it.

The BluePrint: How much do you cook a day?

Ms. Harris:  I probably cook maybe once a day (microwave)..or sometimes once a week.

The BluePrint: Is virtual hard for your class?

Ms. Harris: We are a big hands-on class so it is difficult since they aren’t  here cooking with me.  I do the demos, so I hope they can get something out of my cooking and what I am saying. 

The BluePrint: If you could have any super power what would it be? 

Ms. Harris: My superpower would be to fly around in the air so I could get to places quicker.

The BluePrint: What is your favorite color?

Ms. Harris: My favorite color is pink.

The BluePrint: What is your favorite food?

Ms. Harris: My favorite food is crab legs.

The BluePrint: What is your favorite movie?

Ms. Harris: My favorite movie is Rocky II.

Thank you Ms. Harris for taking time out of your day to answer questions.