Coping with stress from Covid 19


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Stress can be overwhelming, and it can be compounded by worry over COVID-19.

Ever since March 13,2020 our country hasn’t been the same. We’ve went from our normal lives to a complete shut down. Our country got put into lockdown and during this time while it may have went smooth for some others were struggling with stress, anxiety, and worsening depression. We have all went from going out in public without a mask to being shut down, masks being mandatory, to now slowly working our way to reopening our country again. Some people more than others struggle with the idea of opening up again because they fear this sickness more than others. There’s many who have underlining health conditions that catching this virus could potentially kill them. But, if the idea of opening up again causes you stress here are some ways to prevent it.

When it comes to stress you need to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health properly. Take it step by step and try using some of these key tips to help you out.

  • Try eating a well balanced diet
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol and Tabaco products
  • Make sure you exercise regularly too
  • Talk to someone about your concerns, and vent to them

Even though you may have fears about the pandemic, continue with your normal life and abide by your health care providers pre cautions and try using some of these tips to alleviate some of  your stress, and kick back and relax to get back to our normal lives.