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Joey Whiteford is a member of the Excelsior Fire Company.

Sophomore Joe Whiteford is a kid who likes to be doing things. Whether it’s working or volunteering, he’s always busy. 

Joey works at Hometown Market in Bellwood and he is also a volunteer as a firefighter at Excelsior no. 1. Joey’s favorite subject is ag Mechanics with Mr. Webrick because he enjoys all of the hands on work we do in his class. 

Joey’s favorite teachers are Mr. Webrick and Mrs. Riddle and he says, “Mr. Webrick has one of the best classes in the school and Mrs. Riddle is really fun to have as a teacher in class.”

Joey’s favorite part about school this year is seeing his friends and going to Mr. Webrick class.

“I’m looking forward to next year; moving on to higher classes, getting older, and getting closer to graduating so I can move on to my dream job to be an electrician,” he said.