Band Gets Custom Arrangement


Kimberly Bennett

The marching band challenged itself this year with a custom arrangement based off science fiction movies.

Jojo Caswell , Staff Writer

This year the 21-22 band has something new up their sleeve, a custom arrangement.

A custom arrangement takes music from a tv show, video games, or a movie for musicians to alter and tweak for a band or choir. They also can make adjust it to different difficulty levels based off the music picked.

Band director Mr. Patrick Sachse named the arrangement for this year 2021: A Musical Odyssey.

Mr. Sachse picked from some of the best Si-Fi movies which include: Star wars, Halo, Star Treck, Doctor Who, and 2001 Space Odyssey.

The band chose to do a custom arrangement mostly out of curiosity, Mr. Sachse said, to see if they could meet the challenge. He also was able to get in touch with Altoona Elementary school teacher Scott Pappal, who made the custom arrangement this year.

“The second reason was that we were able to make some parts easy so junior high students were successful while making it hard enough to challenge high schoolers,” added Mr. Sachse.

The band members themselves liked the idea.

“It was fun to play, and fun to march. it was a bit challenging at first, but once I got the hang of the music it was fun,” said Neveah Yon, a freshman marching band member.

“It was a great experiment and I plan on doing this in the future,” Mr. Sachse said. “We would like to thank the music parents and the school for covering the cost. And an additional thank you to Scott Pappal.”