Feature Teacher: Mr. Kowalski


Hayliana Shumac

Brendan Kowalski, who graduated from B-A in 2017, is back at his alma mater.

Kyra Smithmyer, Staff Writer

Mr. Brendan Kowalski was a student at the Bellwood-Antis School District, who was also a pretty good kicker during his high school football career. He is now a teachers assistant and currently works with certain math classes in the middle school.

Mr. Kowalski also tutors middle school students, primarily in math.

Mr. Kowalski got his job as a teacher assistant when  high school principal Mr. Richard Schreier  contacted him about the opening.

“I then applied for the job and got accepted,” Mr. Kowalski said.

When asked what challenges Mr. Kowalski faces in his job he said, “I guess some challenges I face are keeping student on task during class, meeting the learning needs of every student, and being patient with students who may need longer than other students to understand the material.”

Mr. Kowalski says it feels good being back at his old school because he built a lot of good memories at B-A.

“Working here now instead of being a student is really cool,” he said. “Having my teachers as my colleagues now is also pretty cool. A lot has also changed since my time as a student. I enjoy seeing all the changes that have been made.”

Mr.Kowalski said the job is only a one-year gig and after this year he will be back applying for grad school

“After this school year ends I plan to attend school to get my masters in counseling. After I get my masters I hope to get a job as a child counselor,” he said.