Too Cool For School: Abi Echkenrode


Hayliana Shumac

Sophomore Abi Eckenrode arranged a custom musical piece for the band this year.

Jojo Caswell, Staff Writer

Sophomore Abi Eckenrode is breaking out her musical talents and writing a band arrangement for the B-A marching band.

Abi had been in band for 6 years and participates in Concert, Marching, and Jazz band along with festivals.

This year, Abi was given the opportunity to make her own band arrangement for the marching band to play, which she did, producing  Industry Baby.

When she found out she was having her arrangement played this year, she was very excited.

“I worked so many hours on trying to figured it out to sound right,” she said.

“Industry Baby” is a song a popular by Lil Nas X and the arrangement is based off of this song. The hardest part for Abi was getting the songs to line up and making it flow the way she wanted it to go.

“I wouldn’t have been able to make any of this possible without the support and encouragement of the staff members helping me with band and Mr. Sachse! Everyone in the program is wonderful and I’m glad people are enjoying the arrangement,” Abi said.

Abi kept her head held high and had great success in the end.

Abi said her favorite part of band is the leadership opportunities and the people in band.

“Even in middle school, Abi was almost as dependable as adults,” Mr. Sachse said.  “Her arrangement was a very professional undertaking that she did well”