Feature Teacher: Mrs. Wagner


Isabelle Kelley

Mrs. Wagner is this week’s Feature Teacher.

The BluePrint’s newest Feature Teacher is a 6th grade teacher at Bellwood-Antis Middle School who tries to make a positive impact on her students’ lives.

Mrs. Wagner has a lot of qualities that set her apart: she’s always there for her students. If there is drama she is there. If a student is worn down, she is there; she always has a positive outlook. She does not judge anyone for how they act or how they dress.

The 6th grade team agreed and said Mrs. Wagner is a kind and wonderful human being.

Her favorite part about teaching is forming positive relationships with students and watching them  have fun while learning.

“I honestly have always wanted to be a teacher! if I had to chose a different career it would probably be in counseling,” Mrs. Wagner said.

In her free time Mrs. Wagner enjoys spending time with family, playing/watching sports, and just being home.

Helping people is something that has always been a part Mrs. Wagner’s life.

“I have always liked helping people and wanted to have a positive impact on kids,” she said.

Mrs. Wager is certified in Elementary Education (k-6). This year she is teaching history and science, though she has taught all subjects in the past. She chose Elementary Education because she enjoys working with younger students.

“This job can definitely be stressful at times!  It is unpredictable, but it is also very rewarding,” Mrs. Wagner said. “I am incredibly thankful to work with the sixth grade team and sharing fun time’s together!”