Two musicians to play at District band


Jojo Caswell

Madison Brinkman and Raela Zuiker are headed to District band.

Bellwood-Antis band members Raela Zuiker and Madison Brinkmanship were accepted into District Band last week.

Zuiker made the all-star ensemble as a clarinet while Brinkman will be playing trumpet.

PMEA COVID-19  protocol caused all members to audition virtually.

“They prepared difficult solos, submitted them digitally and were accepted based on talent,” said band director Mr. Patrick Sachse

Last year because of COVID the district concert did not take place in person. The performance was digitally put together with submissions submitted by those who made the concert.

This year’s concert will be held at Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School on January 27 and 28.

“Normally, students stay at hotels for this festival, but as a COVID precaution, this is a ‘commuter-only’ festival,” said Mr. Sachse.

The guest director for the concert will be nationally renowned music educator Dr. Paula Crider.

The music for the concert, meanwhile, was composed  by Julie Giroux, who is famous for having written the Meow Mix cat food jungle .

“We specially commissioned a world premier piece of music by Julie Giroux. Any school that helped fund it gets a copy to keep of the original set of music, including B-A,” Mr. Sachse said.