Linchpins: Mr. Martin


Addalyn Turek

Mr. Martin has become a fixture in the B-A middle school in only six years.

Mr. Travis Martin is often described as a very positive and enthusiastic teacher. Those characteristics contribute to him being such an essential teacher here at Bellwood-Antis.

A 2000 B-A grad, Mr. Martin has become a linchpin in the B-A school community.

“Teaching at Bellwood is an opportunity for me to come back to where I’m from and try to make the school a better place. I think teaching in general is a fulfilling ¬†job no matter where you do it,” Mr. Martin said.

Teaching at Bellwood is an opportunity for me to come back to where I’m from and try to make the school a better place.

— Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin is a very active teacher who has been working at the school for six years. During those six years he has taught history and science to eighth graders. He is also s involved in multiple junior high sports as the junior high quarterbacks coach as well as the junior high basketball head coach.

Mr. Martin has been an advisor for clubs/ activities  and he acts as an instructional technology and media advisor and union officer for his fellow teachers.

Both Logan Ridgeway and Hunter Simmons say that Mr. Martin has helped them both mentally and physically in the sports of basketball and football. Logan says that Mr. Martin helps his game mentally by teaching him how to keep his head up after making a mistake and how to break down and watch film.

Hunter, meanwhile, says that over the three years he’s been playing basketball with Mr. Martin he has become a faster and smarter player. Not only does Mr. Martin push people to do their best on the court and on the field but he also pushes them to do their best in the classroom.

Mr. Martin is also known by his coworkers for his wit. Fellow middle school teacher Mr. Drew Moyer says, “He is a great sounding board as he carefully considers ideas and anticipates potential issues with solutions. He is great resource for cross-curricular activities, and he is always willing to work together to create activities or programs to benefit students.”

This summer Mr. Martin will be tying the knot with Allura Pfiester, who is a second grade teacher at Myers.