B-A FCA launches cereal drive


Kerry Naylor

The FCA cereal drive begins Monday.

Mr. Nick Lovrich and his Fellowship of Christian Athletes  are hosting its annual cereal drive starting Monday.

It is the 8th annual cereal drive and will continue exactly one week, ending on Monday March 14.

Students will be asked to donate boxes of cereal, which they can bring to their home room, to be placed in boxes provided by FCA.

All donations will go to St. Vincent DePaul food pantry in Altoona. FCA is finally back at it after not being able to hold the event last year due to the COVID pandemic.

The winning home room with the most donations will earn a pizza party.

In the first year of the cereal drive, which was 2015, FCA was able to raise over 1,100 boxes.

“The pandemic stopped us from doing a lot of things this past year,”  Mr. Lovrich stated.  “We had 1-year hiatus because of COVID and it’s  nice to be able to do this. The people at St. Vincent are very appreciative. They say we are one of their best donors.”