November 18th: National Entrepreneur Day

Alexis Mayhue

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May Ray Day
May 19, 2015

Photo mash-up by Alexis Mayhue

Whether big or small, every business got its start somewhere.

If you want to start your own business, today is the day to do it. It’s National Entrepreneur Day!

It can be anything from starting your own website like Mark Zuckerberg or an amusement park like Walt Disney. Go out and do whatever your little heart desires.

This holiday falls on the last day of Global Entrepreneurship Week (yes, that is a thing) during National Entrepreneurship Month (yes, also a thing) and is a way of showing respect to the people who achieved success when people thought they would fail.

When you think about it, entrepreneurs are everywhere around you. Even here in Bellwood you can’t walk down Main Street without seeing five or six. Brothers, Andrea’s, Tanner’s Hardware Store, all of these count and deserve to be celebrated.

How can you celebrate this day? It’s easy. Show these people that you appreciate them and what they’ve done. Think about how different your community would be without these people around.