FAB FRESHMAN: Parker Martin


Payton Martin

Parker Martin is a freshman who loves softball and math.

Parker Martin is a freshman here at BAHS.

She was asked, “Do you do any activities or sports for the school? And she responded with, “Yes. I have been doing softball for the school since seventh grade so around 3 years.” Parker also does softball and soccer outside of school and manages her schedule between school and sports very easily.

Carrying on, she was asked if she has any favorite subjects and she said, “Yes. Math is my favorite subject because it comes easy and I enjoy doing it, and also because Mrs. Stinson is my teacher, and she makes it  easier and less boring for me while learning a lesson.”

Parker says her least favorite subject is science, “because it’s so early in the morning I can’t lose focus easily, and I’ve never had that much of an interest in science.” Having classes early in the morning can definitely be a struggle.

Outside of school, Parker also enjoys hanging out with her friends, reading, and listening to music.