FAB FRESHMAN: Hailey Loupe


Evan Spallone

Hailey Loupe is this week’s Fab Freshman.

Hailey Loupe is a freshman at BAHS. She has been attending Bellwood ever since elementary and is now off on a strong start at the high school.

In terms of classes, Hailey likes the ones that keep her moving.

“Science is my favorite subject because it’s fun, interesting, and engaging.,” Hailey said about her favorite subject in school.

Along with a favorable subject, she also has a some least-liked subjects. English or Civics are Hailey’s least favorite subjects to learn.

BAHS also offers opportunities to join a club for the school, which Hailey has done. She is in FFA and enjoys learning new basics in this club.

Outside of school Hailey does some other activities such as skateboarding, playing guitar, writing, and art. She also competes in soccer, which she has been continuously playing for about 8 years.

Hailey is a wonderful student at BAHS and hopes for a fresh new start from freshman year.