Lets make things awkward

Alexis Mayhue

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May Ray Day
May 19, 2015

Less is more Shultz, less is more.

If you can say you’ve made it through life without a single awkward moment—you’re lying. From riding with someone you don’t know in a closed elevator to watching American Pie with your parents, anything can be made awkward.

March 18 is Awkward Moments Day around the world.

But while anything can be awkward for you, it can be humorous to others.

Remember that time you tripped and fell on your face in the hall? Yeah, you hated life but everyone else found it hilarious. Maybe you laughed it off (usually the best route) or maybe you got all red-faced and ran off. Either way, you dealt with it and realized it wasn’t the end of the world.

Whatcha gotta do is learn to laugh it off, yo.

And then you have the things that aren’t really that awkward but at the same time, they are. Like when it has nothing to do with you but it still makes you feel a little… weird.

Social conventions say no talking in the elevator, which can be quite awkward.
Alexis Mayhue
Social conventions say no talking in the elevator, which can be quite awkward.

BluePrit photographer Emily Wagner has the perfect example.

“Recently I was in the car with Ellesha Gathagan and you know, we were sitting at a red light and there’s this group of Altoona kids, yeah? They were walking past the intersection and you know, the next thing I do is look up and all’s I see is a white butt runnin’ past and it, it was something else.”

But being awkward isn’t all that bad. I mean, there’s an entire show dedicated to being awkward.

So realize that what you think is awkward isn’t really that bad. Shake it off, keep your head high, and go about the rest of your day.